Monday, May 18, 2009

Dumpster Diving Divas

Yep, we really did do this. for 2 weekends in a row, us Junque Chicks morphed into our other super power... The Dumpster Diving Divas...and went searching thru miles of trash ("hold onto my ankles Auntie LoLo, i'm going in") in search of junque to create all kinds of unique things that you fellow junquies just can't get enough of!
Read on and share in our fun.......

sometimes ALL we want are the hardware and legs.

Hmmm...I'm thinking clock face...

But I really really WANT this!

sorry "Nonnie"...not gonna fit!

People We Met

Mr. Friendly Neighbor took a break from his basketball playing, to loan us some tools. We were all dying for one of those happy hour cocktails he had, but (sigh) we had many miles of junque ahead of us!

Jerry here said that he no longer needs to walk the dogs to attract women---he's never met so many women in his life as he has while filling his curb with Junque!!

The 2nd weekend we got smart and brought Joe's Big Diesel Truck. No sneakin' up on the junk in that thing!

A Junque-r Tag-er Along-er

Rule #l--if you want to be a TRUE junquer, DON'T wear white pants and sandals. (But you look great Tenora and you're ALWAYS a lot of fun!!)

FlashLights & HeadLamps

The night got really fun when it got dark enough for us to put on the headlamps and bring out the flash light. And just in time too, look what was lurking in the dark--Vintage suitcases!!

JunqueYard CenterFold

Lisa found some sidewalk chalk in this pile and we couldn't resist leaving the garbage men a note. Do you just LOVE the head lamp? (Who needs a crown?)
These two weekends were absolutely the most fun--finding junque is always exhilirating, but...finding FREE junk just about makes us pass out!
Be sure to check out the JunqueYard for all the cool things we've made with our finds!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recognize Anybody?

REMEMBER--We Have 2 Booths for Twice the Fun!

A Box of Mosaic Crosses

Broken People...When our shards of pain are placed in the hands of God, we become whole

More Vintage Eye Candy

Roba di rifiuto bella!!

Pizza Pan Memo Boards, includes 1 Vintage Magnet..................$12

Vintage Wicker Chair............................SOLD


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