Friday, December 14, 2012

Ephemera Ornaments . . .

11 more sHoPpINg days ! !
"Ephemera Ornaments"
* * collaged with vintage sheet music, burlap and linen * *
* phrased with holiday sayings *

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  1. I bought the armoire you had in your booth and I love it! Your booth has some great stuff! Would you mind sharing the color you used? I want to add a couple more shelves inside and I'd like to match the color. Thanks :)

  2. Hi there, Vegetarian Kitchen!.....First off, THANKS loads for purchasing the armoire! However, since your blogspot has a "no-reply" attached to it, we can not reply back to your comment thru email. Please email us at so that we can correspond with you on which armoire it was.
    Thanks, Jeannie
    { you can also email me at my personal email for a faster response: }

  3. Hey Jeannie! Great to see you at Grayslake. Looking for the post you told me about -- with your niece? Let me know which one when you get a sec. Thanks! xo



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